Christopher Columbus, the much maligned explorer, broght the word canoe to the Europeans, stealing it from the Haitians. Later, the Europeans stole what little the Haitians had left, (but that’s for another eblog). Czechs immediately began using the term, and vigorously exploiting the recreational activities available on the many rivers and streams in the lovely bohemian basin. After a few unfortunate mishaps on the waters, they discovered that it is necessary to speak to other kanoisti. As a result, the Czechs invented the useful phrase „ahoj“. As is natural, enough Czechs later turned to piracy on the high seas that the entire maritime world took up this way of greeting each other. Though we spelled it „ahoy“, even on a nuclear aircraft carrier we’d all say „ahoy“.
I said „ahoj“ to the photographer just before he snapped this picture. Yes, that’s brave, intrepid, fearless Fred dauntlessly taking on the terrifying rapids of the wild Sazava River. Note the determination. Note the firm grip on the paddle. Moments later I tipped over, spilling into the rushing water. Surprisingly, the rocks under the fast moving water are quite hard and sharp. And there is no sunglasses retrieval service…

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  1. Hey! You added that picture later, there was just the text yesterday!…and now, I look like a complete moron….that’s another impulse to depose the dictator! Slovodne readers, unite! Unite against the cruel dictatorship of JP!

  2. Jamie, někdo se musel zeptat první, vyhrál jsi 🙂 Jak vypadal Fred, když zjistil, že říční šutry v té rychlosti nejsou zrovna příjemné na dotyk?

  3. I can´t but agree with Dante. I have several years of experience in canoes and other stuff like that. But this way of holding a paddle always marks beginners. Those greenhorns…

  4. OK, if we are to engage in the popular sport of newbie bashing, let me add this:

    look at the top of the paddle! It looks like Fred acidentally picked up half of a 2-piece kayak paddle. No wonder he is holding it as a dung-fork. Fred, how dare you be a beginner!

    Seriously, I hope you enjoyed the river, in spite of your little excursion to the bottom. I used to do Sazava quite often, now I do the Manistique River instead (been there just three weeks ago with my kids).

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