We have difficulties with simple things sometimes. What could be more simple than bread? Well, the initial „ch“ sound of chleb is produced in the back of the throat. To some, it is the same noise as a man being strangled, which is not far from the truth. Here the bread can sometimes be dry, so try lightly clearing your throat..“ch“, and then licking the length of your palate to end with a voiced lip smack…“leb“.

2 odpovědi na “Chléb”

  1. A „Chle-bitch-ek“ is a small piece of bread, covered with goodies. While it would be impolite to implie that this is because only women with marriage on their minds make this kind of open-faced sandwiches, it’s nonetheless perhaps true. So the logical solution is to simply call all bread, and bread like products, „bitch“. Give me time, and I’ll change the nefarious Czech language into something all of us can enjoy…

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