Czech affixes

Czech is a highly synthetic language, as English was once long ago. Where English has been dramatically simplified over its brutal history of conquest and assimilation, Czech has retained its complexity. Why this should be so is a matter of debate. Certainly, it serves the purpose of invidious distinction.

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  1. A British woman asked me, how difficult is to write Czech technical text in rhymes. I didn’t understand until she showed me suffixes in an article. They all were the same. Czech uses suffixes to indicate the grammatical case, therefore nouns and adjectives end with similar sounds.

  2. As an experienced technical writer, I think it would be hilarious to write a manual strictly in rhyme. I couldn’t even start to do so in Czech, but here’s a try in English:

    If your synchronization doesn’t stick
    „Update pages“ you must click

    We already have that user name
    Write a new one here
    But it can’t be the same

    If you’d like to have your say
    Write your comments
    Then click „OK“

    If there are any wealthy software developers out there who would like me to write such a technical manual, (and you are willing to pay cash up front), please feel free to contact me…


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