When being treated to a Czech home cooked meal, be sure to know this word first. „Enough“, comes in handy when granny, grinning widely, ladles a pool of pan grease onto your food to show how extra welcome you are as a guest. Granny will continue piling food on your plate, and plying you with drink, and later cookies and maybe shots of Becherovka. Granny can drink you under the table. You may find yourself with granny in a disco later. If you do not know how to surrender, with this simple and easy to pronounce word, you may receive so much hospitality it puts you into the hospital. Know when to say, „dost“.

14 odpovědí na “Dost”

  1. Maybe granny does not hear well and she thought you were using a form of the Czech verb „dostat“, to receive/get.

  2. Well…I tried to say „enough“ to my polish granny and I ended up in heart to heart talk with toilet of hers:-D

  3. Vymyslel to kamarád Pepa a já to říkám po něm: “ Dost!!! dost!!! dost mi nalej!!!

  4. Well, unfortunately it doesn´t work. If you want granny to give you a small piece of cake (just for example), tell her „dost“ long time before she starts burying you under a huge mass of cakes.

  5. I don´t have granny anymore. I wish I could say „enough, my dear granny!“ buuuuuuuuu, breeeeeee, cough.

  6. Tak tyhle „veselé koláče“ vás do nemocnice nedostanou. A zdaleka je nepečou jenom babičky. Viděla jsem to!

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