Jet v těsném závěsu

Sometimes English is more efficient than Czech, using only one word where several Czech words are required. Driving on the Czech roads is a terrifying experience partly because the local drivers seem to enjoy following other cars too closely at high speeds. They call this driving on the tow-hitch. We just call it tailgating (after the door on the tail of a pickup) and it drives me mad.

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  1. Rada:,, nejezdit v těsném závěsu“ na silnicích!!!

    I politici,,jezdí v těsných závěsech“ a vynáší jim to!
    Někdy až moc dobře.
    Hezký den….všem

  2. Prvopočátek je v našich pohádkách Boženy Němcové. „Budulínku,povozím tě na ocásku“.
    Co se v mládí naučíš….

  3. Ahojte,

    ked skombinujeme Martininu a Jirkovu poznamku vyjde nam z toho, ze politici su „pekni ocasi“… Alebo „ocasove“?
    A je pravda, ze sa to naucili v mladosti, teda za „realneho socializmu“…
    Teraz z toho robia „realny kapitalizmus“.
    Jednoducho „zlodeji vsetkych krajin, spojte sa“.
    Poznamka nakoniec, niesom laviciar.

  4. There are also other noticable folklor habits on the czech roads… For example, no-trafficators people, who seem not to use the little lever on the left side of steering wheel, apparently afraid it could fall off, or hasters, those madmen in fast cars just finding their way through a very slow (only 140 kmph) traffic on highways steering wildly accross all the lanes available. Or the truck drivers, who seem to enjoy overtaking each other and thus blocking the whole highway.

    And elder people in elder cars, especially those driving in hats, are a book of their own.

    Yes, I am a driver. Sometimes I feel sorry for myself :o)

  5. Let’s add „mobilators“ who half-drive, half-talk on their mobile phone.

    „Occulators“ who are watching the pretty girl in a short skirt instead of the road.

    „Kidoloters“ who are screaming at their six rioting children in the backseat.

    Next up, who rides the Tram…

  6. Yyyyep… Crushing my car to its complete retirement is what cured me from being an Occulator, actually 🙂
    On the other hand, the car was older than me anyway… So I wouldn’t have to worry one pretty day the wheels will run off during my driving and attack innocent bicycle riders… 🙂

    And now for a lesson in Czech: The names of specialists on the road would be, respectively:

    rychlíci (or chvatouni, that one I like though made it up as well as the rest 🙂
    řidiči tiráků
    důchodci v kloboucích
    děckaři (not sure about that one 🙂 )

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