In the American south, people still like to consider themselves rebels even a century and a half after losing their civil war. In the Czech south things are much the same. Outside of Prague, there is resentment at how the capitol city controls so much. Those from the south (Jih), especially certain revolutionaries in and around Český Krumlov, have therefore begun a movement to free themselves from the tyranny of Prague. Taking their name from their geography, they are called „Jihadists“, meaning they come from the south. Rumors that they are planning an airborne assault on the Prague Castle are being investigated right now by friends of former Prime Minister Gross (also known as the Grosstappo).

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  1. Abych to řekl evropsky, Ich žasse. Jestli si to ten člověk celé nevymyslel, tak jezdím na český Jih slepý a vše podstatné mi tam uniká.

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