Kolik a kolík

The English language doesn’t really differentiate between shor and long vowels. So it can be difficult for us Czech learners to use them properly. There are many examples of words differentiated strictly by this, such as byt and být. My favorite is kolik (how much) and kolík (clothespin). Unfortunately, I’ve always been able to use other’s laundry facilities, but someday I hope to go to a store and ask „kolky za kilo a kolik stojí klika a kolík?“

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  1. Hello Fred,

    Funnily enough „kolík=clothespin “ can also be used in another meaning when you’re talking about a man (cool looking and behaving). Unfortunately there is not such a thing like „kolíce“for female:))) It’s slang, used by young people only.
    good luck!!!


  2. Může klika klikat?
    Může mít kolík koliku?
    Okolkujte mi to lejstro a nedělejte s tím takové okolky. Nebo chytnu za kliku a šéf dostane koliku.

  3. To Jana:

    Yes – originally, „kolík“ in this homonym modification is actually the phonetical transcription of a „colleague“, and later on, its meaning has moved to this waggish style (a topper).

    >> there is not such a thing like “kolíce”for female:)))
    No. Only ‚kolčavice‘ (i.e. woozle – can you remember what did it come from?) :-).

  4. To je fajn, mame kliku, ze bez nejake klaky tady muzeme klikat do ramecku a psat ty sve klukoviny.

    No jasne, Petre, ze pamatuji na hracku klik-klak, jeste ted citim tu bolest na hrbetu ruky, kdyz te to kliklo-klaklo kam nemelo.

  5. The „Click-Clack“ toy was perhaps the most evil thing to be devised in the entire twentieth century. My older step-sister had a set in transluscent red, which color helped obscure the blood when it smashed one of my fingers…this explains why to this day I sometimes make spelling mistakes. It’s not because I’m stupid, but because of my old finger injury which was maliciously inflicted upon me by my sister’s click-clack.

    Eventually, the click-clacks found their way up into the power lines over the alley behind the house. They might be still hanging twisted there today. Some future scientist, examining them closely, could possibly extract a trace of that long-ago blood and clone me. Then you could read „Freds‘ Czech Mate“.

    Remember: Toys aren’t for children!

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