Just like the word „dům“ (house) turns to „dom..“ when it is declined, so the word „kůň“ (horse) turns to „kon..“. (Don’t forget the endings, but that’s at least how the stem of the noun shifts.) So when I first heard the word „konec“ I thought they were talking about a horse. But no. As usual, I got it wrong. It means „end“. Finally, (konečně), I got it. So when I heard the word „koníček“ I was sure it meant „little end“. But no, it actually means small horse, which is really a „hobby“ as in „hobby horse“. Sometimes, I go to a secret club where dreamers scheme about a better world. It is also called „koníček“ and I like it quite a lot, and hope it will be nekonečně. Time to visit there for a chat and a beer. Už končím!

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  1. Tentokrát se Fred překonává v nápaditosti a roztomilosti. To je už skoro na nádvoří Eisnerova Chrámu a tvrze. Congratulation!

  2. There is a difference between the stems of konec and kůň – kůň shifts to koň-, even though the hook above n is sometimes substitued by ě as in koně. That’s different from kon- as in konec.

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