Ležící policajt

(also from professor Kalcik)
As we drove along together in his Skoda, Olda explained more of the mysteries of the Czech language. „Fred, here is speed bump. But is not speed bump. Is lying police.“ Now I know the police here are often corrupt, and to hear that they tell untruths is not surprising. What my friend meant, however, was that the speed bump itself is composed of police officers laying in the road. So, it’s not a „lying“ policeman, but a „laying policeman“ which slows down the car. In all other cases, the lying police officer claims that your car has gone too fast, and you have to pay a large cash fine.
As prof. Kalcik says: Good policajt is lying policajt 🙂

3 odpovědi na “Ležící policajt”

  1. Sorry to be so pedantic, but your friend was right. „To lie“ is an intransitive verb which means both to rest in a horizonal position and to tell an untruth. „To lay“ is a transitive verb which means to place something on a surface. About the phrase „laying policeman“ I would thus ask: „laying what?“ The correct translation is „lying policeman“, despite the unfortunate ambiguity.

  2. Matt, without your pedantry, writing the word of the day would never be so much fun…when are you submitting your „guest professor“ materials? 😉

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