Med is honey. Czech med is wonderfully tasty, as I know from scientific research (vědecký výzkum). If it is a science, it is „věd“. So therefore, the word „medvěd“ means, „honey scientist“. Is there any better description for a bear? Go ask the world famous honey scientists patrolling the moat at the entrance to the Český Krumlov castle…

8 odpovědí na “Medvěd”

  1. Actually, medvěd is a nickname for bear. Our ancestors were afraid of even saying bears name, because saing his real name could make him come. So they made a nickname for him, which was „medojed“ „honey eater“. But you explanation is much more funny. 🙂

  2. I too, like Martina, prefer bears to humans. Unfortunately, the last time I tried to give Maria Tereza (a beautiful bear at Krumlov) a little kiss, it ended badly…so now I just write about them.

  3. Ah, Ila, do you really mean this wild beast? Don’t you ever feel like sleeping rather with Nedvěd, and not medvěd? :-))

  4. I don´t mean the wild beast, but little tedy – bears for children. Nedvěd is very handsome, but he would take a lot of place in bed. 🙂

  5. „Věd“ is not only science, it can be a knowledge too. So i think „medvěd“ is in our (Czech) language just an animal who knows where the honey is.

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