Another English word to enter the Czech language in recent years is Mejkap (make up). In English, this is the whole category of things known also as cosmetics (kosmetika), or anything a person puts on their face to improve their appearance. In Czech, however, it seems to mean only the liquid or powder base spread on the face and then covered with still more stuff, such as blush. Well, no matter how you say it, I’ve got one good question for the manufacturers of this stuff. Why does it always taste so bad? I mean, you kiss a beautiful woman, and it’s like eating an oil slick. Can’t they make something that both looks and tastes good?

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  1. Interesting idea! There might be a market for it.

    Fred si stěžuje, že při políbení krásné ženy se mu dostane do pusy její kosmetika, která má odpornou chuť. Copak nemohou výrobci kosmetiky přijít s něčím, co nejen hezky vypadá, ale také dobře chutná? Já říkám, že to je zajímavý nápad, a možná, že by to lidé kupovali.

  2. I think there already exists a wide scale of tastful lipsticks and lipglosses (shines), that smell and taste sweet like strawberries or any other berries. Just dare to kiss on lips not only on forehead or cheeks.

  3. There are lots of lipsticks and lipglosses that are supposed to taste like strawberries (and other berries). Problem is they don´t. They taste like synthetic versions of said berries. Just like really cheap candy that almost glows in the dark and condoms with „flavour“. (Maybe the condoms and the lipglosses are actually made at the same factory?) Also, the cheaper brands are oily and sticky. I think that Fred is on to something here.

  4. You just need to find naturally beautiful woman and kiss her right in the moment when she eats strawberries.

  5. Women wearing make-up aren´t probably supposed to be kissed just to be admired by many men. Poor women 🙂 (but they are satisfied, I guess)
    I´m sorry, nobody would believe such a bad explanation, nor me. I just wrote it because I´m the one that wouldn´t look better even with make-up 🙂

  6. Now Marie, you know that’s not true. I find you very attractive. Just by reading and commenting on slovo dne, you practically qualify as a super model. Hey, you better answer your phone. I think that’s Vogue calling to ask you to be on their next cover…the special issue about good tasting makeup (or is that mejkap?)


  7. Fred, your jokes are really funny. This one was really good one! I think you haven´t been so wrong yet but I guess you know it : )

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