Yummies! Christmas approaches, and all the babickas are running around buying up flour (mouka) and sugar (cukr) for baking (pecene). This means there will be lots of treats, and they are yummy. The Czech word for yummy is „mňam“. When there are a lot of cookies placed within reach, it is difficult to resist. You will inevitably eat more than a few, and then you’ll know the meaning of the word „mňamky“.

3 odpovědi na “Mňamky”

  1. Just few corrections:

    1) Christmas is approaching
    2) All the commas in the text above are deadwood.


  2. Actually, to translate baking as „pečeně“ is quite out-of-place in this context. Pečeně means a baked meat, mostly a complete animal, such as pig or some game animal, while „baking“ as „the process of making cookies/pies“ should be translated „pečení“.
    I never said Czech is easy :o)

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