There is an undeniable wonderfulness in being with the one you love as they whisper in your ear, Yes, yes, yes. Unfortunately, the Czech word for yes is ano. Ano is often shortened to no, especially when one is excited. So take pity on us poor foreigners, lonely in a strange land, who finally find ourselves in an intimate situation, only to be told No, no, no.

11 odpovědí na “No”

  1. I´m sorry but i can´t imagine better short word for „ano“. Would be better „an“? It would probably seem that your girlfriend prefers pineapple – it´s clear that „ananan“ sounds in fact same as „ananas“. Or would you like to hear „on on on“ ? It would probably mean that „he“ is much better than you : ). And „ao“ or „oa“ doesn´t sound good i guess.

  2. Just make sure, that the „whispering“ is ANO! ANO! ANO!

    NO, NO, NO se rovna od 10ti do 20ti let v lochu. (Podle okolnosti.)
    Vyjimkami jsou slavni a bohati cerni basketballiste. Ti zaplati divce
    „out of court“ odskodne a pokracuji v hrani a vydelavani milionu!

    Akorat jsem tu nikdy v USA nepochopil slova „statutory rape“.
    Nejak si tezko dovedu predstavit nekoho, jak znasilnuje sochu.

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