Po tomhle, po týhle

While conducting research at the slovodne linguistic laboratory I said, „za tohle pivu, jdu domu“. I asked if this was correct usage, and they said it would be better to use „po tomhle“. „Potom“ means after. „Tohle“ means this. Put them together and you have the masculine and neuter „after this“. The femine equivalent is „po týhle“. So proper usage would be, „Po týhle cigaretě, nebudu kouřit, po tomhle pivu nebudu pít a po tomhle slovu nebudu řikat tamhleto.“

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  1. You could also say: „Za tohle pivo (not pivu) jdu domů.“ The meaning is quite different, though. The word „za“ in this case, used with the accusative, has the meaning of „in exchange for,“ „as a reward for,“ or even „as punishment for.“ In short, your act of going home is a response/reaction to the beer, whether good or bad.

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