Fred se po delší odmlce ozval s jedním ze svých poklesků

Hi world wide Friends of Fred,
I need some help today.
Tomorrow I’m finalizing this song with Ingo Bellmann.

Ingo plays the music, and I mangle the lyrics. I’m trying to be somewhat accurate in my description of bees and flowers in this song, while also packing in the allusions to human relationships.

Please, give me some brutal feedback, since Ingo’s English isn’t perfect, and everyone I sing it to just says „oh Fred, that’s so cute“, which is flattering, but doesn’t really help me so much. Is there a great line I’m missing? Am I enamored with a clever phrase that’s actually just annoying?

So I want you guys to feel free to tell me where, why, and how it sucks, and make suggestions for improvement. Tell me what I don’t want to hear, but should.

With any luck, and a bit of organization, this should be recorded soon. When it’s a world-wide smash-hit and I’m riding around in my helicopter, I won’t forget you. Really. I promise.

Thanks for the feedback,


The Bumble Bee Song

Petals, stems and leaves and nettles
Pollen, I can hear you callin
Love you, hovering above you
Let me taste your nectar
Buzz, buzz, buzz!

Rumble, tumble, humble little bee will bumble
Rumble, tumble, humble little bee will fumble

When I first sight you ultra-violet light alights upon you
Dozens of eyes are blinded by your brilliant light
And as I settle nestle in amidst your nectared petals
All our hormones and pheromones just make it right

When I first met you I’d a sense that we were meant together
Whether for today or the rest of my life
Let’s stay wherever we can lay and play and be together
It’s now or never say forever be my wife

Rumble, tumble, humble little bee will bumble
Rumble, tumble, humble little bee will fumble

(zoom, zoom…zoom zoom zoom zoom….)

Springtime, time for us to entwine
Flower, got me in your power
Kiss you, making honey with you
I’ve got all your nectar
Buzz, buzz, buzz!

Thank you darlin
For your pollen
Nature’s callin
I must buzz away…

* Ingo Bellman hrával s Jablkoněm
** Belman se píše podle švédských předků Bellman s jedním n. Germánské double-n zavedl jeho otec, Ingo se chce vrátit k Single-n 🙂

17 odpovědí na “Poklesek”

  1. Fred mi svým feromono-nektarově-květinovým dílem zamotal hlavu. Nevím, zda opěvuje včelu nebo čmeláka, no prostě jsembl bee.

  2. Čmelák v maďarštině údajně neszeremed turbo.
    Přemýšlím však, zda klíč k pochopení Fredova songu není ve sloce, kde je možný dvojí výklad slova meant. Celý text by pak měl pochmurnější význam.

  3. Gabrieli, v české syntaxi jste špica, ale v maďarštině značně pokulháváte. Neszeremed turbo je přece sršeň. A kuleválosfáro je Tatra 613.

  4. Jirko, možná v maďarštině pokulhávám, ale Vy pajdáte: sršeň je neszeremed turbo Injection.
    Tuhos kempink je hřbitov.

  5. Gadrieli, sypu si hlavu popelem (dnes prý jsou dobré rozptylové podmínky) a rozšiřuju si slovní zásobu v maďarštině.

  6. Nesouhlasím s názorem, že Fredův výtvor je poklesek. Když s ním otevřeně vystoupil, jde přinejmenším o výstupek.

  7. Ještě si doplňte tu maďarštinu, určitě to budete potřebovat. Takové velice užívané slovo – úderník, maďarsky šutryházíuštván a uklízečka – hadramašmátrá

  8. Official History of Ingo and the Arrrrrrrrgonaughts

    Guitarist, song writer, and taxidermist Ingo Bellmann formed the legendary band „Ingo and the Arrrrrrrrgonauts“ (with Fred Williams on vocals and Jara Cimrman on drums) in 1947 in Chicago.

    After numerous incidents with both the law and outraged husbands, all three band members were forced to flee Chicago wearing only their underwear.

    Soon afterward, Ingo renamed the band, „Fish Taco“, and great commercial success followed. Their world-wide hits included „Eat Me Tender“ and „Ain’t Nothin but a Taco“. Their foreign language songs included „Ty Kradlik“ and „Hela, nemas cigo vole?“ as well as „Los Dos Que No Sabe Nada“.

    Ingo and Fred, after a drunken fight that left Ingo with no arms and Fred missing 90% of both his left and right sides, asked Jara Cimrman to take over most of the vocal, musical, and concert duties for the next fifteen years when they achieved their greatest commercial and artistic success, but Cimrman was never mentioned on any of the albums or credits.

    Fred Williams, claiming authorship of his first hit solo song „Yaba Baga“, was consequently sued by an unknown Czech band that claimed copyright infringement. Fleeing from the police and Madeline Albright’s enormous sex drive, Williams spent considerable time in the Bahamas and Seychelles rolling around in piles of gold and silver coins.

    Ingo, still missing both his arms, plays the guitar and xylophone with his feet. Video of this is widely circulated on the internet.

    Most of the time, Ingo wears robot arms and a suit when going about his normal business.

    With the release of the song Bumble Bee, Angelina Jolie declared on live television that she would eagerly become Fred’s sex slave. This was followed by similar promises from actresses, models, porn stars, and both current and former U.S. Secretaries of State Rice and Albright.

    Fred Williams is now reported to be living in a self-contained space craft orbiting Mars.

    Ingo Bellmann is living and working in Prague.

    Jara Cimrman’s location is currently unknown, but he has been spotted in a number of locations around the world.

    (copied from the Encyclopedia Britannia, 2nd ed.)

  9. Ještě si doplňte trochu maďarštiny, určitě to budete potřebovat. Důchodce – uštvánléty (omlouvám se, že to píšu foneticky, písemnou maďarštinu jsem pozapomněl). Protože Maďaři používají hojně koncovku -áš (viz guláš, čardáš atd) můžeme dát celou větu: Polyetylenáš pytlikáš máš?

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