Several readers have asked me to explain the difficult English word „several“. This is a severe request, and I would like to sever all connections such people with their several questions. Instead, let’s look at the Czech word „sever“, which means north. Clearly, with its connotations of cold, a severe climate is unpleasant. Cutting winds sever the flow of blood to your hands, feet, and face and several people freeze to death each year in the north.

Yet for some reason there is a town in northern Czechia called Teplice, which means it is allegedly a warm place.

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  1. And, on the other hand, for example, Studenec (Cold Place) village lies in Southern Moravia. So one can never tell because meanings are often severed.

  2. Oh, and how could I forget to mention Lednice (Ice House) town laying on the very south of Moravia! There is nice chateau here, warm people, and definitely not severe exposure (except of these days when severe winter frost is all around…)

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