Slaný, sladký, slanina

Town names in Czech are fascinating. They can reveal much about the history of the place. In 750 a town was established near a salt spring and it was called „Slaný“ or salt. A search of Seznam’s maps reveal no town named
sladký“ or sugar, which is too bad. But it’s probably a good thing that no one lives in a place called „slanina“ or bacon.

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  1. I’ve got a friend from village called „Bystré“ or clever,but he’s complete moron:). There is also village called Mokré or wet but when I visited it last summer it seemed quite dry. But when I visited village Sněžné or snowy,it was -12°C,20 cms of snow,so I realised that the name is quite apposite.By the way do you know what is the story of origin of Czech capital-Prague,in czech Praha? It comes from czech word doorsill -práh. There is some old legend,which I wanted to tell you,but I fofgot it…. I swear I won’t drink so much next time.Can anyone tell me what was/hiccough/ the legend abou‘? I can’t remember anythin‘ now! see you after a little sleep I’m as pisssed as newt… /yawnin’/I’m gonna sleeeeep… /snorin’/

  2. hi Jamie 🙂
    im not sure about the legend either but think it was like a bloke fiddling around his house. when he got to the doorsill with the intention to replace it with a brand new one, he was interrupted by another chap who wanted to found a city or what (dunno this part). and as he wasnt much sure about the name of it, he affirmed he would call it Praha as the remembrance of this meeting or what…
    its quite lame, isnt it? 🙂
    bye and be good

  3. I thought that the second one was princess,not a chap :-s BTW:You are right,it’s pretty lame:) BYE and stay cool!

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