In Czech this means „maybe“ or „perhaps“. The exact same sound, „snaht“, in English refers to the mucus found in one’s nose (sliz). It may be just my juvenile sense of humor, but I find this funny as hell.

2 odpovědi na “Snad”

  1. Snath is nudle in czech (pronounce noodle)… back to english: noodle = mamlas (hlupák). It’s clear – if you say „snad“ you can’t answer exactly, it means you are the mamlas.

  2. It’s important to know all the words associated with nose-picking. Like most people, I enjoy my snot (I spelled it kinda phonetically in my post) and take great pride in it’s consistency, size, and flavor.

    That it is known as „noodle“ here simply makes everything easier. I like noodles and cheese, noodles and spinach, even noodles and chicken. But I guess with bird flu, we have to be careful of chicken noodle, since it may contain the virus…especially if your bird sneezes.

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