Soup with sea force

The Cafe Louvre in the center is a fabulous restaurant. In fact it was in this illustrious place that Fred Williams and Jiri Pallas first met back in 1999, introduced by the ever lovely and talented Lotta Fjelkegard. But their menu has a few mistakes. The best of these is the parenthetical explanation that Boullabaise is Soup with sea force. Imagine if such things were really true — you innocently order what you think is a normal soup when suddenly you are bombarded from offshore by a heavy frigate while marines make an amphibious landing on your table.

Soup with sea force

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  1. Studium jídelního lístku může přinést taková překvapení, že člověka přejde chuť. Dávám proto přednost domácí kuchyni a především osvědčeným restavracím, kde na takové pastičky (nikoli paštičky) nenarazím.

  2. In another edition of Slovo Dne, maybe Fred can explain why there is a street near the Dejvicka metro station named for the Czechoslovak „armada“. In English (and Spanish) an armada is a fleet of war ships, which would seem to be completely unnecessary here.

  3. Good one Mr. Dog. Yep. Sounds like just the thing for Slovo Dne…will get to writing it right away — or you can send the Spanish Armada after me.

  4. What did they try to say by this? “ Sea strong soup“ or „Soup strong like a sea waves“, „a very salty soup“, help?

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