In 1990 what litter grafitti was seen here consisted of „OF“ where the O had a happy face. This stood for Obcanska Forum. Their supporters, not having the cash for billboards perhaps, spray painted the initials around town. Soon though the street artists began transforming walls into blotters, writing, drawing, or simply defacing public and private property all over the country. To do this, you can use markers but most prefer spray cans. Therefore, they are called sprejeři, or sprayers. When a dog urinates to mark his territory, he can also be called a sprayer. Is there a difference between dogs spraying on walls and teenage boys doing the same? Well, at least the dogs don’t play music while doing it.

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  1. Major, major differences, in addition to the one you menion. Dogs spray when they are mature. Dog urine washes off. Dogs don’t do it to be malicious, to embarrass their families, to damage other dogs‘ property, to insult females or to promote the use of mind-altering drugs. In an objective comparison between the average dog and an undisciplined human, the human doesn’t fare so well.

  2. Ellen!

    It is nice point for a discussion. Are you sure about the reason why dogs spray?
    Have you ever asked them? Maybe they have similar reasons as young people! Who knows, maybe dogs do it only to damage other dog’s (or guy’s) property, to look cool, to show their talent in „spraying“. It could be a kind of „doggy grafitti“…..and maybe it’s just because they are mature 🙂

  3. According to experts, male dogs make short squirts on walls and other objects to „mark their territory“ when they feel insecure or are aware of a female dog in heat nearby. They don’t do it so much indoors because they tend to feel more secure in their home. I have no idea how the doggy psychiatrists are able to tell when a dog in insecure.

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