Sometimes, the worst Czech is that which is derived from English. For example, I’m rather fond of what at KFC is called a Twister. This is a flour tortilla wrapped around chicken bits with a bit of vegetable matter and majonaise squirted inside. Though it doesn’t sound so great, they’re quite tasty. The problem comes when it’s time to order more than one. It’s easy to say jeden twister prosím. As soon as it’s plural, this somehow turns to twistery. Can you say that? I cannot. Prosím, dvakrát twister is the best I can do, because when I try to put the plural endings together I end up involuntarily spitting at the clerk. Then he spits on my Twisters.

Today´s language breaking from Fredoteque.

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  1. Když to neumíš říct hubou, tak to řekni rukama… Tak to dělá většina Čechů v cizině, tak proč by to nemohli dělat cizinci u nás? 🙂

  2. Jak to má Fred říkat rukama, když v jedné drží colu, ve druhé peněženku a třetí listuje ve slovníku?

  3. Twister je fakt dobré jídlo, ale u jiné firmy se totéž jmenuje jumbo (vyslovuje se džambo). To je zase horší pro Čecha, protože ten obvykle požaduje /jumbo/. Záznam z fredotéky je tentokrát stejně skvělý jako u „333 stříbrných stříkaček“.

  4. This is a stale article, written months ago. Another symptom of the sad decline of our youth today.

    Yes, sadly it’s true. Recycling of worn out and degenerate content is what the indolent adminitrator has perpetrated upon our hapless and long suffering readers, (many of whom are surprisingly attractive).

    Oh, yeah, he added a little voice file. Sure, ya gotta give him credit for this. Yet the effects of his weekend excesses are evident.

    O tempore! O mores!


    ….for those of you who will inevitably ask;, yes, they are still spitting in my Twisteřy. The sound file amply illustrates how and why.


    ….and indeed, the fourth sentence of this very comment seems to have no main verb, yet still makes sense. HAH HAH HAH

  5. According to the fact I clasify twister as one of the most disgusting meals ever, (it’s possibly made in the same factory as condoms and make-ups), I never needed to say „dva tvystry“ [dva tvistri]…. However, I tried it, and I can’t find where’s the problem, there doesn’t have to be any „ř“ in the plural, in fact, there needn’t be any…

    Fred, just in case, you ought to take pizza next time 🙂

  6. Áááá, áno, jak jinak, twistř – twistři, podle vzoru kapř – kapři, jak prosté! Že já na to nepřišel dřív….mimochodem to, že twister může být živoucí potvora není zas až tak od věci 🙂

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