Už jsme doma

We are already home“ is a funny name for a band. Nonetheless I love their music. From this group I have learned quite a lot of Czech just by listening to their songs. If they ever need a singer, I’m available. There used to be a band called „Jeste jsme se nedohodli“, which means „we haven’t worked it out yet“, but unfortunately I have never heard their music.

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  1. Hm, Jeste jsme se nedohodli. I think you could learn some pretty interesting Czech from their texts, too. Or maybe you could try „Odvazny bobriky“ or „Pro pocit jistoty“.

  2. You assume I am capable of learning anything. This may not be true. Consider my many years of destroying the lovely Czech language with my barbarous manglings.

    Fortunately, my highly professional research assistants are always helping me. Just last night they explained to me that V.I. Lenin did NOT say „opice, opice, opice“ but something strikingly different and altogether more useful.

    Still, I will look for this music on your recommendation…do you know where I can download MP3’s? (For free, of course. I’m not only slightly stupid, but extremely cheap!)

    Another of my research assistants just gave me „Trampska Abeceda“ and I want to learn to sing these Czech songs. Perhaps we should organize a slovodne song day where we can all get together and sing? That would be hilarious…

    Many thanks,

    Fred the confused Czech Mate who likes to sing

  3. Fred,i hope it doesn’t dissapoint you but there is NO legal way how to download mp3s from internet,but there are many,many illegal methods… I hope you are not interested in knowing them! 🙂 Anyway I live in Czech for years but I haven‘ even heard about bands „Jeste sme se nedohodli“ or „Už sme doma“ but I guess there can be many edyfying things in songs of „Daniel Landa“ -his songs are a cool combination of rock and poetry.

  4. Jamie, that’s total bullshit! If a band puts up a web site where one can dowload their own songs for free, what’s illegal about that? Or maybe it was a joke and you were trying to parody the RIAA and I just didn’t get it?

    Anyway, there is pretty good summary of Czech rock scene from 70’s and 80’s at http://www.ceskatelevize.cz/specialy/bigbit/ , it’s in Czech only, but I think you can find information on all the bands mentioned in this thread, and more.

  5. Well, naturally I would NEVER do something illegal. I am so honest I count my change just to make sure I didn’t get too much. I’m so innocent that I’ve only heard rumors that somewhere (I wouldn’t know) there are dirty pictures on the internet.

    But you can download (legally) some mp3’s from the official uz jsme doma web site. This is a practice I wish other bands would emulate.

    I have listened to Daniel Landa and I like his music. Some of the song’s text is a bit racist, or at least the old songs. I have heard his interpretation of the old Czech legend about the hidden sword that the children can use to defend the country in its time of need and I think it is very warming.

    Thanks for your comments Jamie. As a Czech learner you are welcome to contribute as a guest professor. Just remember our high standards of research…if you can still see straight when you are writing for slovodne, you must drink more. If you have a doubt about whether your entry is „correct“, you should drink more. If you need assistance with a term, ask the nearest homeless person (you may need to give him a cigarette, but it’s worth it).

    Well, time to put on my eye patch and hook, it’s time to go download something…

    Fred (aargh ye skurvy dogs, avast the mainsail and focsle, we’ll be lootin the booty, aaargh!)

  6. Of course,you can download something from official web pages of bands,but it is ussually only a few songs,and it is used as advertisement,they just want you to buy some CD’s.FRED, Could you translate this:(aargh ye skurvy dogs, avast the mainsail and focsle, we’ll be lootin the booty, aaargh!) in english so I can understand what the hell it means?

  7. Blimey! Shiver me timbers, this here landlubber Jamie wants to walk the plank, arrr! By the sword of Blackbeard! Gangway, ye bilge rats!

    /me puts on an eye patch and a wooden leg and proceeds to download thousands of illegal songs from the internet.

  8. Blimey! = hello good fellow

    shiver me timbers = what a wonderful feeling I have

    walk the plank = engage in scientific (or linguistic) research

    bilge rats = linguistic researchers

    skurvy dogs = linguistic researchers

    lootin the booty = engaging in refined discourse

    I hope this helps…

    Fred (with a parrot on his shoulder and a blunderbuss ready to fire)

  9. Yeah,thanx! It helps me a lot,you know,I can’t learn these things from my english boox,so it’s good for me to learn such words from someone like you

  10. For all, who are interested in listening to czech music – there are hundreds of free mp3 or wma songs, and you can sometimes download, sometimes just listen to (download blocked). Try:
    or try to search directly in group’s web pages, lots of links on my own page:
    many of them offer mp3 short samples, some complete songs, all legal !
    Should you understand czech, many offer complete lyrics.
    Other possibility to listen to czech music is:

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