Voda z vodovodu

Czechs don’t drink as much water as they should. This is partly because the beer is so good, but also because many restaurants refuse to provide anything except expensive bottled water. It turns out that bottled water is not as healthy as tap water. Still, I’ve had waiters tell me it’s illegal to serve tap water in a restaurant here. They are lying of course. What they really mean to say is they aren’t used to anyone requesting tap water.
We should all of us make it a point of asking waiters here for the great voda z vodovodu“ and walk out if they won’t give us a plain glass of healthy water.

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  1. If you haven’t noticed yet those MFs like to milk people of their money.
    They learned it during so called comunist era, and gladly kept the habit.
    I looks as if it became a part of their genes.
    Not only of theirs. Look at politicians in this valley of „empty heads“.
    They are even worse bastards than the waiters.

  2. When I saw this text I remembered an old joke….
    A tiny small boy,about eight years old,enters a pub and sits behind bar.
    Waiter,surprised by his new littlle customer,asks:“What would you like,young man?“ And the boy replies calmly:“A beer!“ „A beer? For you?“,says waiter staring at him. „You aren’t of age,I can’t give you a beer!“ „I can offer you mineral water only.“ But the boy takes a dissapointed look at the waiter and says in a sad voice:“But I don’t have enough money for that!“

  3. „Kdyby misto vody z vodovodu tek alkohol…“

    If they don’t want to give you a glass of „voda“, that’s because they have a „vodnik“ in their „vodovod“. Perhaps you should tell them to „vrazit tam drat“. Hey, lepsi dratem do vodovodu nez dratem do voka!

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