The verb „padat“ means, to fall. When you put a prefix on the front of this verb though, all kinds of things can change. It makes sense, but only after long and dilligent study and research (which I perform nightly over beer at the local hospoda). The prefix „za“ can mean, behind. So clearly, the word „západ“ means, to fall behind. No – that’s not it at all! Zapad means west. I guess it’s because that’s the direction in which the sun seems to fall. Good thing the inventors of Czech weren’t too familiar with astronomy and physics, or we’d have a word like „direction that the sun appears to fall, but in reality we know the earth is revolving while the sun is stationary so we’ll call this earth rotation direction instead“.

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  1. When you go to the pub for language studies, in czech you can use the fraze: „zapadnout do hospody“

  2. Ahojky….Zdravím všechny :-))
    Můj kamarád neviděl ,,západ“ slunce už dva roky….a bohužel, neuvidí ještě 48 LET!!!!
    Zatím, co v naší,, západní“ zemi se všude ,,droguje ,,o sto šest“,on je v Thajském vězení za pašování,,jen“ 3400ks tablet extáze. Na naší planetě žijí i barbaři, jako jsou Thajci a jejich královské veličenstvo! Tak pa zítra.

  3. Do you know, that „západ“ also means „sunset“?

    Above mantioned „zapadnout“ means also „fit in“ or „set“.

    It’s quite easy 🙂

  4. Slovnik.Seznam.cz says:
    * zapadnout – sink
    * zapadnout – go down
    * zapadnout – fit together
    * zapadnout – be blocked by snow
    * zapadnout – lock on
    * zapadnout – go under
    * zapadnout – lock
    * zapadnout – latch
    * zapadnout – sink into
    * zapadnout – apply
    * zapadnout – die
    * zapadnout – dive
    * zapadnout – get into
    * zapadnout – fit in
    * zapadnout – droop
    * zapadnout – lock-on
    * zapadnout (o slunci apod.) – set
    * zapadnout (západka) – snap
    * zapadnout do bahna – mire
    * zapadnout do sebe – interlock
    * zapadnout dohromady – lock together
    * zapadnout mezi – interdigitate
    * zapadnout sněhem – snow up

  5. Martina;

    When I was in Thailand a few years ago they launched a „crackdown“ which resulted in something like two thousand police murders of small time dealers within a month. Just last week, the authoritarian Singapore government executed a man for transporting drugs. Personally, I think they should legalize the stuff, since illegalizing drugs only enriches terrorists.

    But I don’t understand how this fits into our slovodne website.

    This is a lighthearted (lehké srdce) look at the Czech language. Hearing your friend’s sad story has given me a heavy heart (těžké srdce).


  6. Ahoj…hi…,,Fredíku“ :-))
    Ani netušíš, jak mne mocinky štve, že tvým slovům nerozumím!
    Umím bohužel(zatím) jen maďarsky a to mi je na netíku platné. jako mrtvému zimní kabát. Ach jo…pa Martina

  7. Fred, if you say that zapad means „fall behind“, it sounds quite funny to me because Zapad ( the western countries ) was always more developed that we were and was not falling behind :-)) Hopefully, this zapadne to your concept and will not mess this whole issue 🙂

  8. When it comes to the truly important things in life, (especially great beer and pretty women), the west is far, far behind the Czechs. So does that mean they are the „daleko zapad“?

  9. Yeah, folks,
    Fred is really right because, while about good beer and women, the West is awfully undeveloped, and probably will stay like that unless we boys from the East won’t go west to improve their genetics…

    Vr 🙂

  10. Kdoví, ale v určité situaci by to mohlo vyjadřovat, že …
    „Frank Zappa is going to play a heavy-metal song now“.

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